Brazilian VS British

Brazilian VS British

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My morning routine is as follows: Alarm goes off, snooze alarm, alarm goes off, panic run to the shower, wash hair, get ready in sub 5 minutes, run to the tube with wet hair, and arrive at work with a frizzy halo for a mane. Very glamorous I know. When it comes to my hair I am below low maintenance and have zero time for at home blow drying, straightening or curling; however, I still want to give off the impression that I have made some sort of effort. Fortunately, for lazy girls like me there are now a fair few in-salon treatments around that promise just that, so in the name of investigative journalism I have trialled two such methods over the past six months; the Brazilian Keratin at Hiro Miyoshiand the British Blow dry at Edward James, read on to see how I got on and to find out everything you need to know if you’re considering a similar styling treatment…

By Verity Clark

British Blow Dry

As the name suggests this treatment has been specifically created to work on British hair which typically tends to be quite fine. Unlike the Brazilian version, this has not been designed to straighten your hair but is instead more of a conditioning treatment which also diminishes frizz.

The formula uses a combination of Moroccan oil, quinoa oil and keratin, which is applied to the hair in two stages; first up an organic gloss (using naturally derived oils) is painted through the hair from the root to the tip to lock in moisture and help get your hair looking super healthy. Next a keratin protein is applied to specific areas where you tend to experience frizz – for me that’s my hairline but you get a consultation beforehand so it’s tailored to your own needs. After 30 minutes sat under the heat your hair is then straightened to lock in the formula and you’re good to go, the whole process takes under an hour and you can wash it out the very next day. The result? I genuinely just have pretty great hair every day, it’s very subtle – no one is going to stop me in the street and say ‘crikey your blow dry is out of this world’ but I can wash my hair safe in the knowledge that it will air dry itself into soft natural waves with zero frizz. In terms of aftercare just stick to sulphate-free shampoos and conditioners, and if you’re planning on going in the sea pop some coconut oil through your locks otherwise the treatment will be stripped out; other than that, it should last you around 6 weeks. 

The Brazilian Keratin

As a student I invested a huge amount of money in a Brazilian blow dry and was left with too straight hair that was heavy with residue so I was a little nervous to subject myself to the process again. The Brazilian Keratin is a 1 hour treatment that promises to ‘remove 50% of wave and frizziness’ and lasts anywhere between 3-6 months depending on your hair type and how well you care for it (sulphate-free hair care only).

The keratin solution is applied to wet hair and then blow dried in with super-hot heat, this creates a lot of smoke which stings the eyes so be prepared! The last Brazilian blow dry I had required me to leave the treatment in for 5 days and I literally couldn’t touch it – not even tie it up – which was a bit of a nightmare to be honest, however Hiro’s keratin offering can be washed out after just two days and you can tie it up in the meantime. The treatment is suitable for all hair types and will even knock the curl out of ringlets so it’s great if you spend a lot of time with your straighteners. For the first week or so I actually found my hair was a little too straight and flat but if softened to a slept in blow dry effect which is my dream hair! 

The Verdict

To be totally honest I have had 6 months of great hair days thanks to both of these treatments. For a quick frizz fix that’s affordable enough to update regularly the British blow dry is a really good bet but if you’re look for something more intense and actually want to knock some of the curl out of your hair then opt for the Brazilian version. Either way enjoy many good hair days to come! 

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