Salon Review: Edward James’ 6 Week Top Coat Gloss Treatment

Glossy locks are said to be this year’s autumn/ winter hair trend where we stand united and wave farewell to dry, matte, lifeless hair and liven up the dark nights with shining styles. Edward James Salons have taken this trend by the horns; I recently discovered the latest offering, The Top Coat Shine System. The latest treatment is described to ‘create an amazing reflective shine on the hair that lasts 6 weeks’, something we all need a little bit of at this time of year.

The science behind the two stage Top Coat Shine System is that the treatment initially evens out the porosity of the hair using essential protein spray so that the shine is even from root to tip. Wheat and brazil nut proteins bond to the hair along with fruit oil bark extract and barley. The second stage of the Top Coat is saturating each strand of hair with the precious proteins that have been lacking to create incredible shine using caster, sunflower and jojoba oils.

Edward James London Hair Salon

Thought to be the next Nicky Clarke of the industry, Edward’s career spans 18 years. Edward’s natural, raw talent was recognised early on and he quickly moved on to be the style director for Gina Conway. In 2011, after working with the iconic Aveda brand for 8 years, Edward James went on to open his first Aveda Salon & Spa in South West London. The second Edward James Salon & Spa was launched in 2014.

When looking at going above and beyond services expected of a hair salon, Edward James and his team know exactly how to keep their clients more than satisfied. Looking further than the hair treatments and offerings on the menu, every member of staff employed by Edward aims to heighten each and every clients salon experience. To paint a picture, on arrival for our Top Coat Gloss treatments we were seated and handed a glass of prosecco and olives before soon after being presented with an attractive plate of sushi, plus points all round before our hair had even been addressed.

Edward James London Hair Salon

What’s great about Edward is that he is more than just the name behind the brand, he’s as hands on with his clients as much any other stylist he employs, and his passion for great hair and quality service filters down through the positivity and friendliness of his staff. The Top Coat Gloss treatment is a welcome nourishment to any head of hair lucky enough to receive, and Edwards’s approach ensures each person’s treatment is tailor made depending on their hair type. This attention to detail from start to finish certifies the finest glossy finish is achieved and each client could walk out of the salon and onto the red carpet should they need to do so!

Ballerina Grunge – The New Edge in Hair-Up

With the party season just about to jump on us, we have been taking inspiration on the current trends in hair-up that are going to be a big hit this season. One of the current hot looks is classic with a twist – whether it be a hint of grunge – a la Cara Delevigne at the Chanel Mademoiselle Privé exhibition last week at the Saatchi Gallery, or using pretty glittery hair slides on a simple high ponytail as demonstrated by Mui Mui on the catwalks this season.

When Edward James styled Cara for the Chanel Mademoiselle Privé exhibition, her pretty black ballerina gown was given an edgy feel with a high ballerina bun that had a lot of texture worked into it, as well as some deconstructed braiding around the side of her head.  This worked well with the black biker jacket, incredible sky-scraper stilettos and of course the ‘don’t-mess-with-me’ lip ring.

Here is how Edward created Cara’s look


1)      On day-old hair, use some dry shampoo to create texture. Aveda’s new “Shampure” dry shampoo is great and also smells wonderful.  If you have a very strong parting use some mousse on the roots and blow-dry using a paddle or Denman brush to prevent the parting from reappearing

2)      Take a side section and braid it from the temple to the crown

3)      Bring all the hair to the top of your head.  It helps to tilt your head back a bit as if you are looking at the ceiling.  This will create better tension at the back of your head and prevent any gaping

4)      Wrap a bungee elastic around the ponytail to secure it in place.  We like these ones:

5)      Use hairspray on all of the hair and smooth up towards the base of the ponytail to ensure all loose hairs are secured

6)      Use more hairspray on the ponytail itself and either use your fingers to “rough up” the hair to get lots of texture into it, or alternatively use a brush to create some gentle back-brushing

7)      Wrap the ponytail around its base and keep winding until you create a messy textured bun

8)      Secure around the edges using hair grips

9)      Go back to the braid and gently use your fingers to “rough up” the braid, so there is a bit more texture, but be careful not to pull too hard or it will unravel

10)   Finish with a spray of light hair shine-spray serum.  Try Aveda’s Brilliant Spray On Shine.

11)   Party with some red lipstick – the colour of choice this season

Shine Shine Shine: Launching the Top Coat Glossing treatment

The latest trend to hit the catwalks is shine- not just a little, but uber, mega-watt, glassy, brand-spanking-new shine. We are of course referring to the amazing hair on the models parading themselves and flicking their glossy must-have accessory.

So, it got us thinking at Edward James Salons – how can us mere mortals
compete with this kind of hair perfection? Well, it turns out there is a bit of cheating going and we want to share it with you. Shampoo & conditioner? It will only do so much to get your hair in top shape.

Brazillian blowdry? It will smooth the hair, but will not add the same level of gloss that more modern treatments can achieve. Since the introduction of treatments like Olaplex hit the market, a system that strengthens and ads shine to the hair, shiney healthy hair is becoming more commonplace. But what if you want a more natural alternative?

A more natural version developed by Edward James is the Top Coat, which is designed to create hair perfection by adding shine, moisture and hydration, which lasts up to 6 weeks. The treatment adds protein bonds to the hair initially, followed by lots of natural oils and more proteins. The treatment takes an hour to carry out, is 99% naturally derived and can be used as frequently as you like. The treatment can be used as a topping for any colour service to add extra shine and gloss.

For more information email us on bookings at edwardjameslondon dot com or call 0207 223 6225.

HAIRDRESSERS: Guaranteed perfect blowdrys and elegant updos

Who: Hide Tanaka
Why: My Japanese hairdresser, Hide Tanaka, is hugely talented and has become a great friend.
Contact: Smiths Salon, 57 Poland Street, , 020 7734 3004
Recommended by: Sara Parker Bowles, Associate Editor

Who: Pol Garcia
Why: The most naturally talented hair cutter I have used to date, really understands the way your hair grows and how it falls to create styles that are easy to manage and look great as they grow out.
Contact:, 020 7493 0555
Recommended by: Jo Glynn-Smith, Retail development director

Who: Edward James
Why: South-of-the-river hair supremo which chic Aveda salons in Putney and Wandsworth. Home visits in the pipeline; get in line.
Contact:, 0208 789 9639
Recommended by: Eugenie Hanmer, Executive Fashion Director

Who: George Northwood
Why: Amazing hair stylist – the cut always keeps its shape and he has the eye that knows the best look for you.
Contact: George Northwood, 24 Wells Street, London W1T 3PH; 02075808195;
Recommended by: Meribeth Parker, Luxury Group Publishing Director

Who: Teddy at Josh Wood Atelier in Liberty
Why: For the perky chat and wonderfully bouncy locks. I emerge rejuvenated.
Recommended by: Sasha Slater, Deputy Editor

Who: Zoltan
Why: The master of hair – relaxing, straightening, curling, Brazilian blow-drys – all bespoke to you. You’ll have a sleek and shiny mane for months. Excellent company for the three to four hours you’ll be in there for!
Contact:, 07875396751
Recommended by: Lucy Halfhead, Assistant Editor

Who: Sara at Danilo Hair Boutique
Why: Sara’s A-list clients include Madonna and Paul Weller, and her combination of talent, reliability and passion make her a cut above the rest.
Contact: 353 Fulham Road, London. 0207 251 4477,
Recommended by: Rosie Reeves, Assistant Content Producer

Who: Georgia-May at The Hairdressers
Why: She can’t be beaten for party hair. And she’ll put on my fake eyelashes when required too – as well as advising about make up.
Recommended by: Sasha Slater, Deputy Editor

Who: Paul Edmonds
Why: I wouldn’t trust anyone except for Paul Edmonds with my hair. He somehow manages to transform my rather mousy, thin locks in a leonine mane of Raquel Welch magnificence. Lovely scented candles, too.
Contact: 217 Brompton Road, London SW3 2EJ,
Recommended by: Violet Hudson, Commissioning Editor

Who: Hershesons Blow Dry Bars
Why: Offers a great range of contemporary & classic styles in 30mins if you can’t manage those plaited updos yourself & would like to channel A-List red carpet hair.
Recommended by: Liz Pearn, Picture Editor

Who: Unruly Curls
Why: Curly-hair lovers Michael and his wingman Claudio will help you learn to love your waves, and know how to style them yourself at home.
Contact: 2 Olaf Street, London W11, 020 7243 1030;
Recommended by: Caroline Lewis, Sub-editor

Who: Stevin Marshall
Why: He works all over the country but fits me in at home for the essential blow dry or hair up. I have more recently discovered his talents as a colourist, and he has found the perfect match.
Contact: 07919 911051
Recommended by: Alexandra Gage, Contributing Editor

Who: Andrew Jose
Why: In his eponymous Charlotte Street salon, Jose, which aptly rhymes with glows, is one of the most talented hairdressers in London. Revered in the business and one of the most sough-after trainers with an understated charm.
Contact:, 020 7323 4679
Recommended by: Beatrice Aidin, freelance journalist

Edward James London launches their new “British Blowdry”

We are excited to launch a fantastic new in salon experience known as the “British Blowdry”.

We start by glossing the hair from root to tip using a conditioning gloss from Aveda’s 99% naturally derived colour range. The gloss contains certified organic sunflower oil, castor and jojoba oils and is ammonia free. The gloss will add shine and moisture the whole way though the hair, leaving it looking healthier.

The hair then has a smoothing keratin protein applied, specifically where hair is more unmanageable – not necessarily the whole way through the hair. This will vary depending on the individual, so for example some people may experience more highly textured/frizzy hair around the top of their head or just in the fringe/temple area. Keratin is one of the key constituents of the hair-shaft so the keratin treatment is designed to strengthen and smooth the hair and make if feel more moisturised and manageable. The hair is then blowdried into shape to finish.

The hair can be washed 24 hours after the treatment and is designed to leave the hair feeling very conditioned and smooth. It will not remove curl from the hair but will work on frizz and unmanageable hair to create a smooth, shiny finish with body at the roots. It is the perfect treatment for hair that tends to react to humidity or dampness and is suitable for most hair types, including coloured hair.

The British Blowdry starts at £100.

As featured in the Daily Mail ‘Femail’ section