Gents Grooming

Gents Hair

EdwardNatalieCreative DirectorSalon DirectorSenior StylistSalon StylistAssociate Stylist
Cut & Finish£78£73£63£58£53£48£40

Gents Hair

Cut & Finish

Creative Director£63
Salon Director£58
Senior Stylist£53
Salon Stylist£48
Associate Stylist£40

Gents Waxing (Putney Spa Only)

Master TherapistSenior TherapistSpa Therapist
Male Intimate Waxing£49£48£45
Back Or Chest£46£43£40

Gents Waxing (Putney Spa Only)

Male Intimate Waxing

Master Therapist£49
Senior Therapist£48
Spa Therapist£45

Back Or Chest

Master Therapist£46
Senior Therapist£43
Spa Therapist£40

All services and stylist levels are subject to availability

* please note, all prices stated are starting prices and will depend on length and density of natural hair

** please note, prices are only valid Monday – to Friday. Full service price is charged on weekends