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Hair Extensions


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length extending extensions *£616£583£546£499£452£410£368
length extending re-application £314£294£273£252£231£210£189
volume enhancing extensions *£495£467£431£399£368£331£305
volume enhancing re-application£248£231£215£200£184£168£152
colour flash extensions *£281£263£247£231£221£210£200
colour flash re-application £142£131£121£116£110£105£100

Our Experts

Hair extensions are a useful way to add glorious volume, length or colour to your hair.  Our highly skilled experts are trained not only to ensure that your hair is in excellent condition and health, but that you understand how to manage the extensions between salon visits.  We offer several hair extension systems, including Keratin Bond, Micro Ring, Brazilian Interlock and Tape Hair Extensions.

We also offer a variety of premium hair types, including High Grade Remy, European, Virgin Russian and Brazilian hair. Our experts will guide you through the system and hair type best suited to your hair, however we have highlighted the hair extensions specialist services we offer in our salons.

You may require a patch test 48 prior to having your hair extensions fitted, please speak to our team.


The Consultation Process

Every great head of hair starts with a great consultation. We will assess your hair and outline what you can achieve, how you can maintain your look and how to manage maintenance appointments. Our priority is the health of your hair and ongoing management of your new look, so we will always test extensions in your hair to ensure you are satisfied before the full application. Within the consultation, we provide complimentary colour matching, as well as colour testing for clients potentially requiring professional colour services alongside the hair extension service.



Following your consultation, you will receive a quotation detailing the cost of your extensions to create the look and feel you want.


The Hair


High Grade Remy hair

This hair is the preferred choice for many of our clients, due to its soft, natural feel and look as well as the extensive colour range selection.  When left to dry naturally, it forms a soft natural wave, meaning it blends well with most hair textures and adds natural looking body. The hair is ethically sourced and processed. All high-grade Remy hair is pre-dyed to match a colour chart of 32 different colours, allowing us to perfectly match our client’s hair or tweak the colour as required in the salon.


European Hair

Our European Hair extensions are the perfect option for fine haired individuals. The hair is ethically sourced and superior quality virgin European hair from north-eastern parts of Europe. It is ordered to match your hair colour, but we will often personalise the colour within the salon to ensure a perfect match.


Brazilian and Russian Hair

Russian Virgin hair is the finest quality hair, sourced from Russia and surrounding Eastern Europe. The hair is fine, often straight and smooth in texture and can be coloured to the shade of your preference. We keep in stock a supply of this hair, but may need to order to specification depending on your requirements.

Brazilian hair is sourced from Brazil and the surrounding areas of South America. This is one of the most exclusive and rare hair types as it has undergone no chemical treatments or colour to alter its appearance. We generally colour the hair to match your desired result. This hair type must be requested when booking an appointment as it needs to be specially ordered for clients.


The Extension Systems


Micro Ring Extension System

The micro ring technique is the smallest and most undetectable non-glue hair extension technique available, combining strands of natural hair with the extension hair using tiny copper rings. These are expertly placed to minimise stress on your natural hair and gently fit your extensions.

The system does not use glue and no excessive force is applied during removal, therefore causing no damage to your natural hair. Typically, micro ring extensions require maintenance every three months (tightening) and the entire extension can be re-used with no loss of length to the hair extensions. The copper rings are available in different colours and covered with plastic to ensure they blend seamlessly. We would normally recommend this system for normal to thick hair types. It is less suited to very fine hair or for clients who want extensions placed higher on the head. The application of micro ring extensions is available in full, three-quarter or half-head applications, and takes between 90 minutes and three hours to fit.  The extensions are re-fitted every eight to ten weeks and we will provide you with training on how to manage your new extensions.


Keratin Bond Extension System

Keratin bond hair extensions are particularly good for increasing the volume or length of fine hair or for adding colour to your natural hair. The extensions are completely safe for your hair as long as you have them fitted and removed by a professional. Hair is colour matched to ensure seamless blending. The application of keratin bond extensions is available in full, three-quarter or half-head applications, and will take between 90 minutes and three hours to fit.  The extensions are re-fitted every eight to ten weeks and we will provide you with training on how to manage your new extensions.


Tape Extension System

We use Rapture Hair extensions, which are perfect for adding length or body to hair. The tape extension system is designed to be very gentle on your hair, and is a favourite for brides on their big day or for shorter haired individuals looking for extra body in their style. The tape extension system is designed to be re-used, and is a fast way to create dramatic length or body.  The system is pre-coloured and ordered to match your hair, and we will often tweak the colour to ensure you have a perfect colour match. The system takes approximately two hours to fit, and requires re-fitting every six weeks.


Brazilian Interlock System

This extensions system is exclusive to Edward James, and is the perfect way to add dramatic length or body to your hair. The system is very gentle on your hair, and does not use any glue, tape or rings to attach the hair weft.  Instead, the extensions are attached using a specialist weft which is interlocked with your natural hair. The system takes between 30 min and two hours to apply, depending on how much volume or length you are looking to achieve,and is designed to be re-attached every six weeks. The hair can be re-used indefinitely.

All services and stylist levels are subject to availability

* please note, all prices stated are starting prices and will depend on length and density of natural hair

** please note, prices are only valid Monday – to Friday. Full service price is charged on weekends