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Hair Therapy Experience

Hair Therapy Experience

by ejlondon_admin on November 12, 2015 in Magazine

So you have horrific roots down to your knees, your kids are driving you so crazy that you’re considering adoption, you haven’t slept in about 4 years and your kitchen (or what used to be a kitchen) is now in a skip out the front of your house, leaving you to cook for a family of 6 with a microwave propped on top of your bed.  Oh and your mother-in-law is staying. For 6 weeks.

A trip to your favourite “Hair Therapist” will sort most of this out.  Ok – perhaps not the kitchen, or the mother-in-law, or the children, but certainly the roots and your sanity.


Edward James was delighted to be voted in the top 10 “Hair Therapists” for 2016 by Tatler’s Good Hair Guide 2016 and it highlighted (pardon the pun) how this is such a key focus for our business. Service with a smile is good.  Service with good listening skills is even better. Service with a smile, good listening skills, light humour, complementary prosecco and oodles of pampering has got to be even better still.

As the hair and beauty industry progresses and life gets busier and more demanding for our clientele, we have thankfully moved away from asking the dreaded holiday question.  Instead, we are trained to “read” our clients and assess what it is they desire for their couple of hours of “hair therapy”.  This may be some silent pampering or some entertaining banter- but either way your hair will look amazing and you will feel even better. Best yet, it is our absolute pleasure to help you hold on to your sanity!