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Job Vacancy: Creative Stylists

Posted on August 21, 2018

Working as a creative stylist in our salons is not just about creating incredible bespoke hair, but also about making people feel relaxed, providing space for them to “be” and making them feel special.  Clients will often come into our salons to get an incredible hair service, but also to take a bit of time for themselves – often this is the only time they will have in their busy schedules to sit and unwind.  We believe our stylists connect better with their guests when they are also working within a beautiful, supportive environment that helps them to achieve service excellence but also meet their personal and career goals.  We are passionate about learning and developing our team and growing with them constantly.  We also believe in fostering creativity and new techniques aligned to current hair trends.  On top of this, we believe is paying our Stylists well and well above industry standards to reflect their talent and efforts.

Putney Salon & Spa | Battersea Salon

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