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Job Vacancy: Front of house and reception

Posted on August 21, 2018

Our front of house team is valued immensely by our company and we understand the importance of investing heavily in listening to our team as they are the eyes and ears of our business.  Our front of house team is responsible for flawless guest reservations, educating clients on our services as well as being widely knowledgeable on how to achieve their desired hair goals.  Understanding our client’s time and lifestyle requirements as well as our team and how they operate is what makes our front of house team so special, as well as making sure the salon floor operates smoothly.  We believe in career development, balancing career and personal goals as we well  foster an internal promotion and development culture into Senior Salon Coordinating and Management roles.  Our salaries reflect the effort that goes into the role of Front of House, and is substantially more than industry average, reflecting how much we value this part of our business.

Putney Salon & Spa | Battersea Salon

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