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Job Vacancy: Junior Stylists and Assistants

Posted on August 21, 2018

Creating a strong foundation in a career in hairdressing is absolutely essential and we believe that it all starts with our training and development.  Our Junior Stylists and Assistants are trained to deliver incredible customer care, which forms the basis of an incredible hair experience.  We are dedicated to developing and rewarding our Junior Stylists and Assistants as they learn and develop; not at the end of the entire training process.  It takes two years to graduate onto the floor as a fully trained Junior Stylist, however we believe in training in bite-size chunks and then enabling our Junior Stylists to carry out services that they are competent in, and also allowing them to increase their salary.  We believe this is vital in building confidence and maintaining focus on the end goal of being an incredible hairdresser as well as learning on a continual basis.  Our Junior Stylists and Assistant’s salaries reflect the effort that goes into their role and is well above industry standards, which we believe is necessary to attract and retain the best talent.

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