Luxuria Lifestyle review on Edward James London

Luxuria Lifestyle review on Edward James London

by Edward James on July 27, 2016 in Awards

Luxury, 5 star service, cutting edge techniques.  These are all things I could spend time writing about Edward James Salon, and believe me, it would be quite rightly so.

It would be enough in itself to tell you about their work on the recent Chanel makeup launch in London, Brides magazine shoot at the Ritz, or that they were the official stylists for the BAFTA awards this May perhaps. But outstanding accolades that they are, I’ll leave all that here, because this isn’t, in my mind, what sets them heads and shoulders (pardon the pun) above the rest of the hairdressing industry.  What does, is that this salon has a beating heart, a soul, and the sort of timeless island vibe that you can relax and get lost in.  This place is a holiday.

This place is therapy.

If the exotic aromas of the Aveda flower and plant based essences don’t begin to unwind your mind on arrival, or falling into the plump, colour-pop cushions in reception doesn’t instantly lighten your London burden, then the light-hearted banter and soothing energy of the “hair therapists” will have you melting into your salon chair like warm caramel in minutes.

My “Therapist” for the afternoon was Tolomani. Warm, charismatic and with enough cheeky banter to keep me from falling into a relaxation induced coma, he set about transforming my frazzled brassy barnet into creamy glossy locks with an attentiveness unmatched by any other salon I’ve been to.

My hair had previously been dip-dyed and was looking tired to say the least.  After careful questioning about my hair rituals, likes, and dislikes we settled on “balayage’. For those not in the know, this is a great technique for giving that “sunkissed” effect.. Hand painting the bleach where the sun catches the light and blending it toward the root to give a natural, soft “grown out” look. Having dark skin and dark coarse hair, this could have been risky, but being a true craftsman, Tolomani chose caramel and creamy shades to enhance my complexion, and an Olaplex repairing treatment ensured the end result was as glossy as the magazine I was reading.

“I think someone’s going out on the town tonight!” Tolomani winked as he tweaked my polished blow-dry.  Recharged and with hair like this?  He was definitely right!

Edward James promises “beautiful and bespoke” hair every time, and they certainly deliver.  Not only was my Balayage perfectly tailored to suit my complexion, and cut to suit my lifestyle, the experience was tailored to suit my mood. That’s a TRULY exceptional service.

So if you’re in need of a break, some down time or just want to relive that “holiday feeling”, pop into Edward James on Northcote road, let the team take the weight off your shoulders and give you photo-shoot hair to boot.  All that’s missing is the sand between your toes.

(Thank you so, so much Tolomani. You are my hair hero).

Written by Luxuria Lifestyle UK’s Leo West