LFW with ex-model Abie Shippee

LFW with ex-model Abie Shippee

by Edward James on October 7, 2016 in Celebrities

Abie Shippee of Retired Model has written this great review during London Fashion Week on us! Have a read 🙂
I woke up around 9:30 and called an Uber to take me over the bridge to the Battersea/Clapham neighborhood for the first time.

He dropped me off in an alley and I meandered until I walked into a coffeeshop. The barista called me beautiful and gave me a vanilla latte with skim milk for free. I sat on the bench outside and watched the people walk by. Everyone is attractive in London.

I did a few rounds of the block until I found the front door of Edward James’ original salon. It was warm and well-decorated and the staff had a coffee in my hand before I was even able to tell them my name. I waited on the bench and watched Edward float around the room gracing each head of hair.


When it was my turn he sat down next to me and introduced himself and asked me all kinds of questions about my hair. He nixed the service I had originally requested and suggested something even better.

About a year ago I went through an identity crisis and dyed my hair black from a box. Not realizing the complications that would come with trying to put blonde over that 6 months later. It was a nightmare and every stylist who’s come near my head ever since has cringed at me for using the phrase “black box dye.”


He used Aveda colors and I crossed my fingers that it would lighten. After a quick hour of head, neck and hand massages I was under a sink being shampooed by three sets of hands. I sat in the chair and my jaw dropped as I interrogated him on the process.


My hair was treated, straightened and styled into a coveted mess of locks that has my friends reconsidering their friendship with me.


I let Edward’s assistant stylist know that I had almost exactly 10 minutes before I had to go and she smiled and gave me a quick “let’s do this.”

I left the salon and immediately emailed Edward’s publicist with a simple: “Just left Ed’s. I’m AMAZED. Best salon, greatest staff, nicest guy. Could not possibly be more pleased.”