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Whether you are looking to banish frizz, reduce curl or eliminate unwanted texture in your hair completely, our hair texture treatments will allow you to manage your hair more easily. 

To find out which re-texturising system will best suit your needs, please book in for a complimentary consultation.


The Brazilian Blowdry

The Brazilian Blowdry is a semi-permanent method of smoothing and improving the condition of your hair to make it more manageable. It works by infusing the hair with keratin – a protein that occurs naturally in the hair – to help fight frizz and keep hair looking sleek and healthy.

Your hair is washed and rough dried, following which the keratin treatment is gradually heated into the hair over a period of 30 minutes to an hour, allowing the product to bond gently to your hair strands. The keratin treatment is the heat sealed into the hair. The results usually last between two and three months, during which time you should find your hair looks noticeably rejuvenated and feels smoother and more manageable.  Our keratin formula will remove frizz and reduce tight curl, but will not leave hair poker straight or flat. If you want a poker straight result you would be better to consider a permanent straightening treatment.

Our Brazilian Blowdry can be carried out on the same day as a colour service and will also help to prevent colour fading.

The treatment requires a patch test 48 hours before the treatment (this is standard for all of our technical services). Hair can be washed 24 hours after the treatment and you will be provided with a guide to managing your newly treated hair to extend the life of the treatment as long as possible. The treatment takes approximately 90 minutes to two hours.


The British Blowdry

The British Blowdry, which has been designed and trademarked by Edward James Salons, is a smoothing system designed to fight dreaded hair frizz and add lustrous shine to the hair without losing body.

The two-step process initially adds shine to all of the hair strands from root to tip using a glossing treatment containing a sunflower, jojoba and castor oil complex before the de-frizzing stage takes place. A unique keratin complex is applied in a particular way to smooth the cuticle of the hair where needed and can be tailored to your specific hair texture and needs. For coarser hair textures or for damaged or brittle hair, a different keratin complex is used, which adds more natural oils to the hair cuticle. On combination hair (fine and frizzy), the treatment can also be tailored to produce perfect smooth hair results while still retaining body.

The treatment takes approximately 90 minutes. It requires a patch test 48 hours prior (this is standard for all of our technical services). Hair can be washed 24 hours after the treatment and you will be provided with a guide to managing your newly treated hair to extend the life of the treatment as long as possible. The treatment will last between 2 and 3 months.


Split End Prevention Keratin Treatments

The Split End treatment, which is exclusive to Edward James Salons, is designed to make the ends of the hair feel soft, nourished and protected from daily stresses and heat styling. It is perfect following a summer holiday or to address winter dehydration, as well as for those wanting to grow their hair or ensure their hair remains in optimum condition throughout the year.

The treatment is applied to the last two to three inches of hair and gently heated into the hair cuticle before being sealed with flat irons. It is combined with a blowdry service and takes an additional 15 minutes to carry out. The treatment combines keratin and vitamin E complex into the ends of the hair and it lasts for up to six weeks.


Top Coat Treatment

The Top Coat treatment is perfect for adding lustre to your hair. Applied from root to tip, it is the perfect way to create more light-reflecting sparkle to your haircut or colour. The combination of caster, sunflower and jojoba oils with L-arginine and green-tea extracts will trap moisture in the hair cuticle to create incredible shine.

The treatment takes 30 minutes to carry out and requires a patch test 48 hours prior and the treatment lasts 4-6 weeks on the hair.


Curl Rehab Keratin Treatment

Curly hair tends to become dehydrated naturally due to the cuticles being raised because of the bends in the hair. Exclusive to Edward James Salons, the Curl Rehab Keratin treatment will rehydrate your hair, sealing the cuticle to prevent moisture loss and reducing unwanted frizz. The treatment takes one hour, 6-8 weeks, and requires a patch test 48 hours before the service is carried out.


Permanent Straightening

If you are looking to reduce or remove strong waves or curls from your hair, permanent hair straightening will give you sleek, smooth hair and help to manage unwanted volume. Our experts will guide you through the best way to reduce or remove unwanted texture in your hair while maintaining the health of your hair from root to tip.

The treatment takes between one to three hours, depending on your desired hair goals. Hair should not be washed for 48 hours after the treatment. We always conduct a strand test 24 hours prior to the service. Your stylist will provide you with instructions on how to maintain your new smooth hair.

All services and stylist levels are subject to availability

* please note, all prices stated are starting prices and will depend on length and density of natural hair

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