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OLAPLEX experience£63£63£63£63£63£63£63
OLAPLEX repair boost£33£33£33£33£33£33£33
AVEDA botanical therapy hair & scalp treatment (incl blow dry)£80£75£67£62£57£52£47
AVEDA botanical therapy hair & scalp treatment£33£33£33£33£33£33£33
AVEDA botanical therapy moisture treatment£23£23£23£23£23£23£23
AVEDA botanical therapy repair treatment£23£23£23£23£23£23£23
AVEDA botanical therapy scalp treatment£15£15£15£15£15£15£15
split end treatment £33£33£33£33£33£33£33
pre-colour treatment£10£10£10£10£10£10£10


Olaplex is designed to repair disulphate sulphur bonds within the hair structure, which can be broken down by heat, colouring or other chemical treatments. The treatment is either applied as a full Olaplex experience, designed to recondition and strengthen hair, or added into hair colour during your normal colouring service as an Olaplex boosting treatment to help protect your hair whilst being coloured.

A bond multiplier is initially applied to the hair before the Bond Perfector crème is applied, and the full treatment takes around 15 minutes. Step 3 Olaplex can then be used at home to top up your treatment in-between salon visits.


Intense Moisture Treatment

Using innovative plant micro technology which penetrates strands for intense moisture or repair, the Intense Moisture treatment improves dry hair by up to 86% with the power of Baruite and Pomegranate oils, leaving your hair soft, silky and shiny.


Restoration and Prevention Damage Treatment

  • A Repair Treatment for damaged hair which improves damaged hair by up to 84% through the power of Quinoa Protein and Sugar Beet with derived Amino Acid, leaving strands supple and healthy looking.
  • The treatment is an add-on service with a hair service, adding15 minutes to your appointment, and can be undertaken with a colour appointment.


Rehydration leave-in Moisture Treatment and finishing braid.

  • A hair detoxifying cleanse to remove silicone and product build-up and open up the cuticle, followed by a deep penetrating plant protein complex that is applied to the hair with heat. The hair is then rinsed, and a leave-in moisture treatment is applied before braiding the hair to allow maximum moisture absorption.


Scalp Rebalance Intense Moisture Treatment

  • Our Intense Scalp treatment features a deep, exfoliating scalp shampoo which uses botanical salicylic acid to gently remove dead skin cells. A restorative massage will then improve circulation to your scalp before a scalp facial masque is applied to rebalance and restore your scalp. The treatment is completed with a scalp serum to seal in moisture.
  • The treatment takes 15 minutes and can be accompanied with another hair service.


Extreme Botanical Therapy Hair & Scalp Restoration Treatment

  • Initially the scalp is rejuvenated with a combination of scalp exfoliation using botanical salicylic acid, scalp massage for improved circulation to the scalp, and rehydration and rebalance using a botanical scalp masque. The second part of the treatment focuses on improving the health of the hair, removing product build-up or mineral deposits and re-hydrating or repairing dry or damaged hair fibres.

The treatment takes 60 minutes and is accompanied with a blowdry.


Split End Prevention Keratin Treatments

The Split End treatment, which is exclusive to Edward James Salons, is designed to make the ends of the hair feel soft, nourished and protected from daily stresses and heat styling. It is perfect following a summer holiday or to address winter dehydration, as well as for those wanting to grow their hair or ensure their hair remains in optimum condition throughout the year.

The treatment is applied to the last two to three inches of hair and gently heated into the hair cuticle before being sealed with flat irons. It is combined with a blowdry service and takes an additional 15 minutes to carry out. The treatment combines keratin and vitamin E complex into the ends of the hair and it lasts for up to six weeks.


Top Coat Treatment

The Top Coat treatment is perfect for adding lustre to your hair. Applied from root to tip, it is the perfect way to create more light-reflecting sparkle to your haircut or colour. The combination of caster, sunflower and jojoba oils with L-arginine and green-tea extracts will trap moisture in the hair cuticle to create incredible shine.

The treatment takes 30 minutes to carry out and requires a patch test 48 hours prior and the treatment lasts 4-6 weeks on the hair.

All services and stylist levels are subject to availability

* please note, all prices stated are starting prices and will depend on length and density of natural hair

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