Wonderful review by

Wonderful review by

by Edward James on July 27, 2016 in Awards

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“Hurrah for British Summer. Tropical storms one minute, not a cloud in the sky the next. Along with the daily dilemma of what to wear and how to avoid looking like a drowned rat in front of your boss / date / client, is the issue of how to tame your locks in such bizarrely extreme conditions. Enter the British Blow-dry, a more natural and purse-friendly twist on its Brazilian namesake.

As someone with wildly wavy and unruly locks I first caved in to the Brazilian treatment last year. The process was lengthy and costly and whilst I loved the sleek shiny finish and the endless hours it saved me blow-drying it myself, the completely flat roots and poker-straight look didn’t feel very me. I’m not a poker straight kind of girl. So when I heard about VIP hair stylist Edward James’ take on the treatment, an innovation so successful that’s he patented it, it didn’t take much convincing for me to give it a try.

As well as running two top-end Aveda salons in Clapham and Putney, Edward tends to the tresses of VIPs from stage and screen, counting Cara Delevigne, Stella McCartney and the Duchess of York amongst his clients. He developed the British Blow-dry for women who want to calm frizz without losing any of the hair’s natural volume, the most common complaint from those who’ve had the Brazilian. Unlike that version, the British Blow-dry doesn’t involve keratin being applied to every strand of hair but specifically to areas of the hair that are unmanageable. Hence the treatment is far quicker and after a heavenly head, neck and shoulder massage upon arrival at the salon it was all rather relaxing too.

Twenty minutes after having the treatment applied my hair was ready to be blow-dried and the conditioning effects were immediately obvious, my hair was silky smooth but still had bounce. The other real upside to the British Blow-dry is that hair looks great the moment it’s finished and can be washed just 24-hours later, a relief to anyone who’s previously had the Brazilian and had to hide indoors for three days afterwards to allow it to set without kinks.

Three weeks on and my hair is still glossy, smooth and manageable but without losing it’s trademark wave. I’m all set for British Summer… whatever that might entail.”